on my mind

Inspired by Martha Stewart Living: Weddings, we had an absolutely brilliant inspiration for the wedding favors. Hint: it has to do with locally grown fresh fruit. Much MUCH better than m&ms.

Lovely chat with Grandma last night. I spent the night with her after Grandfather underwent his second angioplasty (sp?) which was successful this time, thanks for wondering. He should be home today.

Need to upload some pictures from last August’s visit. Will do it when I get to the high-speed connection.

I love hot weather, even if it makes you feel a little droopy. It’s like silk on your skin. I’m so pale; I wish I had an outside job, I really do. I would mow the family’s lawn this afternoon, but I have to bake a peach pie and do some grocery shopping and work on my dress. Which, come to think of it, can all be done later. I’ll jet over there after visiting the church and see what needs to be done.

I think I’ve found my perfect wedding shoes. They’re not very wedding-ish; they’re not even white. But I love them. Oh, and my dress is going to be lined with blue silk. How awesome is that? So far I think my total costs on my wedding dress are under $50.

Should also spend some time working on that video. Will do. Eventually.

We’re going to a rodeo tomorrow night; the state fair opens then, and admission is free. And Mr. Man’s family have never seen a genuine rodeo, so it’s up to us to indoctrinate them.

Did I mention that Mr. Man and his family are going to be here this weekend? Yeah, they are. And I’m going out there next weekend, so I get to see him two weekends in a row. How awesome is that?

I love iced tea made with mint. Much better than plain iced tea. Iced tea and peach pie. Can I get any more southern? Maybe. Not.

“Think of these, boys.” That was for you, Porkchop.

*evil grin*


~ by wildeyedwonder on July 20, 2005.

3 Responses to “on my mind”

  1. You’re making your own dress! Wow! Impressed. Great idea with the blue silk. My something blue was my underware!

  2. what time are the peeps arriving? i keep meanign to ask you but forget.

  3. and i’m too lazy to email you which is why i am posting this. 😀

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