I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle

This gentleman has come out in defense of Tom Cruise’s attack on scientology. An interesting article, to be sure. But almost more interesting are the comments following.
First comment:

What’s more disturbing in your article is your support of Tom Cruise. His promotion of the dangerous Scientology movement is despicable. I agree that the press is not asking the right questions. They should ask: “Mr. Cruise, do you believe that all mental illness is caused my spiritual beings killed by an evil galactic overlord named Xenu millions of years ago, who have attached themselves to our souls?” Because that is what the highest level of Scientology teaches. They also teach that Xenu showed the spiritual, beings called “Thetons,” a movie forcing them to believe in myths like G-d and Jesus.

I find this lapse in pluralism shocking and even deplorable. If you’re going to insist that every viewpoint is equally valid, from animists to atheists, and that all should be given equal weight, then to mock those who believe in aliens is discrimination in its purest form.
Is believing in an alien god ridiculous? To my mind, yes. But why is that any more ridiculous than worshipping a cow? Or a tree? Or than believing that our planet grew from a pile of slime?


~ by wildeyedwonder on July 18, 2005.

One Response to “I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle”

  1. My biggest fear, ALIENS. I’m even afraid of those sci-fi people who like to dress up like them and wear alien t-shirts. I would much rather be confronted with a starved lion than and alien. At least with the lion you know what your dealing with.

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