serious emotional issues

A bit of background: for the wedding, my bridesmaids are wearing a black dress, any style, around knee-length. Simple, right? Barbie has a fab vintage number that I picked up for her some time ago, and Porkchop always enjoys an excuse to go shopping again. If she’s up against a wall, there’s this one I made for her that she wore in a fashion show…
Anyway, good times all around, right? Except for Mr. Man’s sister. She had mentioned that she was having trouble finding a dress, and out here I kept seeing all these darling little numbers on clearance from last winter, styles that she would like and would flatter. (Figure-wise, we’re almost identical.)
So I’m talking to E, and she says that she just can’t find the perfect dress. Inspiration strikes: “I know! I’m seeing Mr. Man this weekend, so I’ll pick up a couple of the dresses that I saw on clearance. I’ll send them back with him, and you pick the one you like, and I’ll take the rest back later. Perfect!”
I adore shopping way too much for my own good, I think.


~ by wildeyedwonder on July 6, 2005.

2 Responses to “serious emotional issues”

  1. I find that rather disgusting, actually.

  2. In an envious, frustrating kind of way.

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