i think

That given half a chance, I would become a news junkie. I’m already showing dangerous symptoms, as evidenced by the number of outgoing links and my current obession with surfing Google News. (Completely. Addictive.)
But what’s a girl to do when she’s been eclipsed by her blogging sisters? I’m incapable of snarky commentary, too sober to be political, and don’t have the hair color to be whimsical. The obvious (albeit boring) solution is somber, wise commentary.


~ by wildeyedwonder on June 23, 2005.

10 Responses to “i think”

  1. Yes!!!!!

    My day is made!!!

    Although you did imply that I’m a lush.

    If I weren’t so utterly pleased, I would resent that.

  2. Hmm. Upon second reading, I realize how unfortunate that wording is. Not what I meant, at all. (I was thinking more about politicians in general.) So let’s mentally reword it to: “too brusque to be southern.”
    Better, I think.

  3. Are you saying I’m HAIRY?! YOU of ALL PEOPLE! The child whose mother mistook her for a gorilla escaped from the ape house, whose offspring will be wall-to-wall-shag kind of hairy, who has more depilatories in the bathroom than I have shoes! The nerve!

  4. Much better.

  5. On second thought, maybe I’ll stick to commentary.

  6. Joy. I think you had a wee bit too much crack. She was talking about hair color. HAIR COLOR. HAIR FRICKIN COLOR.

    Understand now?

  7. *very small voice*


    I’m blushing as I realize that is very much a case in point.

  8. Hey! You edited the post to say “hair color” instead of “hair” as it had before. Now that makes me look even dumber.

  9. I think we should impose some type of sanctions on Princess for editing posts and deleting comments.

  10. bless her cheatin’ heart.

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