and this is objective journalism?

I mean, start with the title.

US radicals blow their tops over volcano movie as Darwinism debate rages

Note that they aren’t called scientists, they aren’t people with an “alternative viewpoint.” Nope, they are radicals.

Some of the best bits from the article(emphasis mine):

Culture wars raging in the United States are reaping new victims as monster-screen IMAX cinemas and top museums are dragged into the fierce debate over the origin of life.
Pressure from ultraconservative religious groups has prompted some theaters equipped with the high quality panoramic IMAX screens to cancel showings of several movies which refer to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Raging wars? Last time I checked, the only war we had going was overseas.
New victims? Who are these victims? The theaters? The people who don’t get the chance to shell out their own funds to view these works of art?
Fierce debate? At this point, I’m not hearing much debate from that side; I’m hearing a little more sneering.

Some politically powerful religious groups dismiss the theory, despite its widespread acceptance throughout the rest of the world.

Really? Maybe in “advanced nations.” But much of the world actually still holds to religious beliefs, and with that, the belief in some sort of intelligent design.

Blocking scientific movies from IMAX theaters is only one part of the creationists’ agenda; they also promote their own films that document their theory of a cosmos-crafting higher intelligence.

Gasp! Creating well-written, intelligent films that express our own perspective and people then have a choice of paying to see? What a dastardly, sneaky thing to do!

And what does it all come down to? A war between two viewpoints. Either life has a bigger purpose, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, well then you can expect more of this. How can you tell a kid that he came from an animal and then be surprised when he acts like one?
And if there is more to life than the here and now? Well, in that case, I know where I’m going. And I’m living for that day.


~ by wildeyedwonder on June 21, 2005.

4 Responses to “and this is objective journalism?”

  1. I saw that article and thought similar things. Nicely written post.

  2. Got to agree with Joy, great post. We as a people will surely reap what we sow…

  3. I’m thinking… isn’t that dog a pit bull? What the hell? If a dog owner can go to jail for his dog’s behavior than most certainly a child’s owner (as well as the child) should pay for the same crimes. What a sick twisted world we live in. Including slanted and poorly reported journalism.

  4. It seems that there are some religious people on one side who accept on faith something which they cannot prove and did not see. They are currently in a dominant position and do not wish to tolerate any other beliefs. Consequently, anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution as they do is a heretic and outsider and not permitted to express their views at all.

    Such a shame, really, but then civil rights was a concept created by heterosexual white male Christians so I guess it isn’t altogether surprising that the antiChristers don’t get it.

    I don’t know why I’m rambling here. All I was going to say was, “Yeah, I was thinking the same as you.”

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