anyone want a small cuddly cat or maybe a bodiless mew?

I’m not sure if this cat thing is going to work. See, I didn’t see Jobs all day yesterday. I saw Woz, though–with a vengeance! That cat likes to cuddle, to the extent that I keep tripping over him because whenever I walk he winds himself around my ankles. Jobs had been acting shy, so I wasn’t too worried until last night, right before bed, when he started mewing loudly.
I hadn’t heard him mew before.
I thought maybe he was stuck somewhere and couldn’t get loose. But I looked in all the logical places and couldn’t find him so I decided to stop overreacting and get some sleep. Until 3:00 this morning.
That’s when I heard him mewing and convinced myself that he was trapped somewhere and needed help. So I got up, flipped on the light, and began to search my apartment. This task was complicated by the fact that he didn’t mew continuously–he stopped whenever he heard me nearby. (That should have been a clue to just how mean-spirited he is.) An hour later, close to despair, I was in the bathroom and I heard him just outside the door.
So he was capable of motion and didn’t need rescuing. Fine. Since it was now 4:00 in the morning, I was going back to bed.
Crawled in, curled up, was blissfully drifting off….when I heard him. UNDER MY BED. He sounded so pitiful that feelings of compassion welled up in my heart, and I turned on the light, crawled out of bed, and peered underneath.
I couldn’t see a thing.
So I dragged everything out of the way and poked my head under again. There he was, huddled in the back corner, shivering. I started crawling toward him, slowly, making soothing noises. He waited, frightened, until I was halfway under, and then he took off like a lightening bolt. By the time I scrabbled backwards and ran into the hall, he was nowhere to be seen.
I haven’t since him since, but I’ve heard his disembodied mews all over the place, so I know he’s fine.
Anyone want a nice, retiring kitten that keeps to himself?


~ by wildeyedwonder on June 9, 2005.

One Response to “anyone want a small cuddly cat or maybe a bodiless mew?”

  1. Jobs’ll get used to being in your place. Give ‘im time. Cats are… cats. . .

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