so NOT a poet

Someone gave this to Porkchop and asked her to make suggestions:

One look in his playroom and it’s plain to see,
more toys this boy does not need

For this, and a full tummy he is so thankful,
that he wants to do a special deed

Positively NO GIFTS please,
only non-perishable food, for those in need

Rather than bursting into hysterical laughter, she sent it to me. Me! So I took a whack at it, and this is what we sent back:

One look in his playroom; it’s easy to see,
This child needs not one more toy.
He knows he’s well-fed and he’s thankful to be
His own mommie’s special little boy.

So he’s sharing his blessings and asks you to bring
Not one gift for him, but for others who need things-
Like green beans and chicken soup and cranberry sauce
All things that will keep long without any loss.

So leave home your giftwrap and toss out the tape
To help Johnny celebrate his own special day!

Lame, I know. It could have gotten much, much better. (Of course, I never said that meter was my strong point.) What do you suggest? Small furry creatures? A few profanities? Fire away, people!


~ by wildeyedwonder on June 8, 2005.

One Response to “so NOT a poet”

  1. While a few profanities DO go a long way, as proven by my office memo’s, I don’t think that is appropriate for a SEVEN YEAR OLD’S BIRTHDAY INVITATION.

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