summer’s here

As I drove to work this morning, humidity hovered over the fields in a haze. The air was warm and still, waiting for the sun to break through and burn away the fog, waiting for the birds to wake and begin their songs, waiting for life to resume after the long, warm, sluggish weekend.
I love summer on the Eastern Shore. I love the way you can feel the air on your skin, warm and almost slimy. I love the way mornings look like a dream, screened through a haze of fog. I love the way my hair curls, refusing to be tamed by air-conditioning or straightening. I love the way colors are over-saturated, flavors are more intense, smells carry for miles. I love driving down a major road and smelling, over the RV belching into my open window, the sweet whiff of honeysuckle growing somewhere nearby, unseen. I love crab boils, seated at a table in the backyard, picking, while the sun fades and the mosquitos come out, moths swarming around the lights we’ve strung up, as the night stretches ahead, filled with tall tales and sweet iced tea.
I’m going to miss my home. But I’m going to make sure I come back so my kids can get the best parts.


~ by wildeyedwonder on June 6, 2005.

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