The beardless wonder

The beardless wonder

~ by wildeyedwonder on June 2, 2005.

3 Responses to “The beardless wonder”

  1. I dunno Princess, you look pretty good with out a beard… 😉
    (Sorry, HAD to do it!)
    Seriously, your love looks good like that. Is he going to grow it back?

  2. I think he looks MUCH, MUCH better without. Our father also cannot call him The Mexican when he is shaved.

    Unfortunately, because Laura is weird, she wants EVERYONE to grow facial hair for the wedding.

    I am afraid I will feel as if I am at a hippie convention and will break out the weed and tie-dye. Much to his conservative parents dismay.

  3. Such a lovely couple. Who the heck are they?

    Just kidding.

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