porkchop is very fetching

porkchop is very fetching

~ by wildeyedwonder on May 16, 2005.

3 Responses to “porkchop is very fetching”

  1. Do I detect jus’ a wee bit o’ the devil in those eyes?? 😉

  2. Yes. Yes. Porkchop is fetching in the respect that she lolls in beds of daisies and her sister takes a picture, which she then POSTS with Porkchop looking LIKEADORK. She does not murder the aforementioned sister.

    Can we please CEASE with posting the pictures of Porkchop?

  3. Nope. Because everytime I post a picture of le Porkchop my hit count skyrockets. And since, as we all know, I’m all about the hit count.
    Actually, I won’t stop because posting pictures of le Porkchop is considered an acceptable substitute for actual content (by all the world except Porkchop), if not an improvement over my usual drivel.

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