this is your lucky Friday the thirteenth!

Because I give you this: a resource to pimp YOUR webpage. This is what it did to my blog:

Ok, maybe not.
So anyway, I decided that in honor of Friday, we would have an orange-themed post. Why orange? Because it’s just a cool color, and a rad word.
So, when you think about orange, don’t you immediately wonder what totally hot shoes you could buy in that spicy shade? Or do you wonder what would happen if you searched for orange underwear? Well, for one thing, you can get some for your Sims character.
And you have to love any website where the tagline is “the future is bright; the future is orange.”
Orange ramen pancakes. Thank heavens I’ve never been quite that poor.
Thus ends the orange Friday chronicle.


~ by wildeyedwonder on May 13, 2005.

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