an unusual perspective

Awesome article about someone who is minstering without compromise. And the amazing thing is, this is all in the MSM.
Some awesome quotes:

(Referring to Kayne West’s hit Jesus Walks)
“What happened with that is they downplayed it, dumbed (Jesus) down, to be the good fairy that looks after you and condones your mess and protects you in the melee,” he scoffs. “That is not who he is or ever was or ever will be. There are standards that go along with this that was not displayed in ‘Jesus Walks.’ ”
“I know people say, ‘You’re being judgmental,’ but somebody’s got to judge,” he says. “We have to judge whether it’s right and wrong.”

“The man — not the bisexual, the homosexual, the man that I am, that’s made for one woman, and he dealt with why it happened and what caused it to happen.”


~ by wildeyedwonder on April 22, 2005.

2 Responses to “an unusual perspective”

  1. Unusual in view of today’s society standards yes. In God’s eye? Right on.
    Thanks for sharing this Princess.

  2. Interesting. I like it.

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