a little whine

The good news is: the Easter Pageant video is done! The bad news: I was up until 11:00 (at least) editing. After that I still had to output it (in real time) to time. Yah. So I didn’t get a ton of sleep last night.
But anyway, dragged myself out of bed this morning already looking forward to crashing at the end of the day. Managed to find an outfit that matched, and made sure I wore blue to minimize that “tired eyes” look. Had time to make coffee, listened to The Killers while I dressed, packed my lunch, ate some breakfast while I read my Bible…incredibly, it seemed I was accomplishing all those things that normal people do on a daily basis but I usually manage to skip.
I sat in my car, breathing deep, ignoring the gritty feel of my eyeballs, concentrating instead on the freshness of the morning air, on the fact that there is a flowering branch in our hedge that I never noticed before.
“It’s going to be a good day.” Right. Okay. Start to turn on the ignition, and I bumped my coffee cup (don’t ask me how, it was nowhere NEAR me a second ago).
All. Over. My. Purse. And Passenger Seat.
This doesn’t have to ruin my day! The fact that my car will now smell like old, stale coffee is simply NOT AN ISSUE. I refuse to have a bad day.
And then when I arrive at work I glance down at the front of my shirt, and there is chocolate all over it. AND I HAVEN’T EATEN CHOCOLATE IN DAYS!
Can I take back that bit about it being a good day?


~ by wildeyedwonder on April 21, 2005.

2 Responses to “a little whine”

  1. Hang in there Princess. How would we enjoy the light if we never saw the darkness? 🙂

  2. You definately need to reward youself for a job well done and go to B&B and get a nice air freshener when you are out getting Zach’s birthday present.

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