more random links

Started at Pink Champagne High, looking for a link I saw somewhere that had cool patterns. I didn’t find it, but she did have this really nifty webpage color scheme generator. Addictive, to be sure. Especially since it converts everything into websafe colors. Do I feel a blog revamp coming on?
Don’t ask how I ended up here. It’s kinda fun and random, though.
I want one of these! Better yet, I want to be a cool person who runs a little boutique shop out of their home on a very cool-looking webpage. Put that on my list of things to accomplish before I purchase false teeth.
Our refridgerator has a noxious odor, as well as mold growing in the freezer, so my attempts to find a solution led me here. While not a cure for the black fuzziness currently corrupting our kitchen, chocolate jello is nonetheless fascinating, no?


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 28, 2005.

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