stream of consciousness

This is just funny. I mean, sticking your own stuff in MoMA? That’s hilarious. The Reuters article is here.

Which of course leads me to the MoMA website, causing me to want some of these because they would look really cool in our pink-and-white-and-red kitchen, and it would be kinda funny to pretend to be learning to juggle and practicing on our expresso cups and tell the guests “Look I know how to juggle!” and then drop them all and take pictures of the aghast looks on their faces cause they would expect the cups to break and then you would have really good blackmail material.*

And thinking about MoMA made me think all sorts of high and lofty and cultured thoughts, so I investigated the Smithsonian. Except, does that really qualify as cultured? Anyway, they have all sorts of interesting things there and I decided that this festival is on my list of “things to do some day.” A festival of colors: how stinkin’ cool is that? (Although I love black and white photography, I’m very grateful that I don’t live in a world that’s just shades of gray.)

And thinking about festivals made me think about travel and that made me think about Lonely Planet and then I got on there and started roaming around and didn’t feel like finishing this blog post.

So I died.*

*Except then they might not want to be your guests any more.
**I didn’t really. It’s just that this sentence has been recommended to me as a useful literary device when one writes oneself into a corner or wants a quick, clean ending to a story. Story in this instance meaning blog spot. Unfortunately it tends to have a rather dampening effect on further plot developments.


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 25, 2005.

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  1. Profound . . . 😉

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