feeling pressured

Need to move. Need to finish video for VPI. Need to make ads for SBT. Need to make background for The Edge. Need to spend some time actually talking to Mr. Man instead of rambling as I fall asleep. Need to paint the kitchen.
And all of those except for the last should have been done last week. I feel paralyzed, overwhelmed, not sure what to tackle first. And because I don’t know what to tackle, I don’t tackle anything. I retreat into amusement, allowing myself to be cajoled into “spending time” instead of facing my dragons head-on. They aren’t huge dragons; it won’t take that much work. But I can’t think, can’t breathe. Can just type mindlessly, waiting for the seconds to tick away so I can go on to my next job, go home, go to sleep, wake up, and repeat the cycle until somehow, miraculously, the week is over and I will have survived.


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 22, 2005.

3 Responses to “feeling pressured”

  1. I so hear you, babe. My “need to” list is different than yours, but just as insurmountable seeming.
    Need to finish pageant paperwork. Need to sell ads. Need to learn my piano piece! Need to buy my swimsuit. Need to pay off my credit card. Need to move. Need to study. Need to clean off my desk. Need to not cry as I feel overwhelmed just typing this incomplete list.


  2. And then there is the tasks that just seem so huge.

    Need to find out if I was accepted to college. If not, need to find another college. Need to figure out major. Need to buy a car. Need to get my cell phone fixed. Need to lose weight. Need to get my room organized. Need to get my job for the summer lined up. Need to invest in people. Need to be productive. Need to stop hating every day I wake up.

  3. Wow, we can list a need list?

    Need to get a better paying job. Need to finish 9 more credits. Need to get to the gym after afore-mentioned credits are done. I probably will need new sandals by summers end *mutter*. Oh, I need to find an apartment near Philly (that’s a big one).

    Memo to Miss Chop: don’t throw cell phone it won’t break 🙂

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