It has nothing to do with my looks, I promise

Confession: I’ve been driving a redneck car. Ever since I got my car registered, I haven’t bothered to put the liscense plate on. Why? Because it’s been cold, and I hate doing anything in the cold. But when Dad asked me when I was going to put it on, and I told him I was waiting until I got pulled over and then I would get the policeman to do it for me, I was just kidding. Well, mostly.
And call me naive (or don’t, because everyone else is doing that for you) but I really didn’t know it was illegal to drive without the plate attached. Honestly I didn’t. I thought as long as it was clearly displayed (like in the back window), it was all cool.
Well, the cop who pulled me over as I was enroute to Hagerstown soon set me straight on that point. But when I looked quite shamefaced and and asked if he had a screwdriver to fix the infraction, he pulled out his handy-dandy all-purpose leatherman tool and attached it for me. And then we proceeded to have a friendly little chat by the side of the road before he sent me on my way with a cheery, “Have a good day!”
But I really was kidding when I said that before. Honest.

~ by wildeyedwonder on March 14, 2005.

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  1. Women….

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