mad as an old wet hen

And a whole lot more dangerous.
See, it has come to my attention that a certain message board formed by students to discuss Delmar Highschool news/gossip/etc has been DISSING ON MY BROTHER.
Not acceptable. Ever. In a million years.
Ok, Fredd might be odd. But he’s freakin smart (smarter than I will ever be), really funny, and a total sweetie when he wants to be. And he’s my brother. Nobody messes with my brother.
Now the three amigas are up in arms, and we’re trying to decide the best plan of action. So far, we’ve tossed around a bunch of ideas ranging from the semi-logical to the really bad.
-> Post the link to the message board, have all our blog readers log in and post re: how cool Fredd is, and start some (comepletely true) rumors about how he is being recruited by every top college except Harvard.
Pros: It would be fairly non-offensive, and the only people who would know were the ones who were involved.
Cons: If the kids found out who did it, it would totally backfire and kids would be all “Fredd gets protected by his sisters. Wuss.”
-> Round up every big guy we know (and we know a bunch) and get them to beat up this punk.
Pros: It would be extremly satisfying.
Cons: Physical violence never accomplishes anything.
-> Get dressed so we all look totally hot and attend some event with Fredd where we shamelessly flirt, especially with the jerks who started this stuff.
Pros: We could so do this, and we could even borrow some of our hot girlfriends to help us out.
Cons: We can’t think of any events to attend.
This is all the fully formed ideas we’ve had so far. Obviously we’re not doing too well. Suggestions?


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 10, 2005.

One Response to “mad as an old wet hen”

  1. I do like the latter.. 🙂 Sounds delightfully evil and very smooth. 😉 However, an event to attend is bit of an important factor.. Hmm.. Well, I’m sure something would eventually come up, but if the longing for revenge is too intense to wait long enough, I’d go with the second to last. I’m sure they’d learn their lesson..I know I would. *wink*

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