barbie bordello

Or crushed raspberries and cream. The description of the walls of my room depends on who you ask. Dad says it’s girly, I say it’s cool. And Mother Theresa bought me a set of three feathered, vanilla scented satin throw pillows to toss on my bed. How cool is that? Although, as Porkchop pointed out, it’s a good thing that room won’t be being rented out to a guy later; no self-respecting male would ever want to live in a room that color.
So Barbie and I got the first coat on my room last night, as well as the first coat on the lavender wall in her room.
Our apartment is definitely beginning to look like a giant Easter bunny has taken over.


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 10, 2005.

One Response to “barbie bordello”

  1. This morning, I explained the paint flecks on my arms to Mark (personal trainer) and he was utterly incredulous that anyone would paint anything that color. Ah well, it will be lovely once it is all finished. As long as you keep your door closed. 😉

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