I’m smiling, dang it

My morning was less than stellar. My inborn aversion to early hours has been reinforced by encountering Mr. Morning Person when he’s not happy. See, that’s just not fair. It’s all I can do to remain in an upright and locked postion prior to 7 am, but he has already been up for at least three hours and has spent that time working himself into a froth about the crisis du jour. So he’s had all sorts of time to formulate logical (or otherwise) arguments for his postition, and I’m just standing there with furry teeth nodding my head.
Do you see the inherent wrong of this situation?
It would be easy to level the playing field. All I have to do is start talking to him after ten p.m. At that point his mind has slowed to the point that it takes twenty minutes to process anything, so all I have to do is get him to agree with whatever and then leave. In the bright light of morning, when he’s once again functioning, he’ll have to stick with his word, wether he remembers it or not.
Sometimes I’m so nice I annoy myself.


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 8, 2005.

One Response to “I’m smiling, dang it”

  1. Well, this morning I was amusing myself with how disgustingly cheerful I was. By all logical reasons, I should have been grumpy as a hummingbird on depressants, but I wasn’t! Amazing. Must be something about all those endorphins pumping through my veins at five frickin’ am.

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