a shameless plea

Since begging on blogs is quite the trend these days, I thought I would bow to the trend and add my own little whine to the mix. However, in the interest of…interest, or at least making things more interesting, I shall add my own special little twist to the mix: bribery.
The plea: Don’t you want to come help PageantBarbie and me paint our apartment tonight? We shall crank up the music, wear sloppy clothes, and generally have a rip-roaring, although sober, good time. Why sober? Because I rip and roar quite enough in that state, plus drunken painting is really not suggested as a social activity, especially if deep dark colors like pepto-bismol pink (my room), roasted eggplant (joy’s room) or milk chocolate* (the living room) are involved.
The bribe: We shall buy you dinner from the chinese place on the Plaza and sit around on the floor and eat lo mein out of containers with little wooden chopsticks and drink cheap red wine diet coke** straight out of the bottle and laugh and be happy. Plus we’ll invite you to our first dinner party. Maybe.
So do come, if not in person, then at least in spirit. And we shall love you forever and perhaps mention your name on our august blog.***
* Why is it that all of our colors are foodie colors? What does this say about our usual state of mind? Or is it nothing to do with our usual state of mind, but everything to do with my current stomach-growling state of mind.
** Why is it that drinking cheap red wine sounds so much more glamorous than drinking diet coke? Is it because of the inferred hangover? Because if it is, that doesn’t make sense. There is nothing inherently glamorous about a hangover. Or is there, and I missed it?
*** No particular reason for these stars except I was having so much fun I wanted to put some more.


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 8, 2005.

4 Responses to “a shameless plea”

  1. Even though I just-so-happen to be related to you, do I get the opportunity to volunteer for free chinese food?*

    *You forgot to mention the posting of paint splattered pictures on the blog as part of the bribe.

    **You need groupies who would volunteer for such a priviledge.

  2. Unfortunately, I have no groupies. *sniffle* You and Joy seem to have the corner on that market.

  3. Me? Groupies? Hardly. Well, not internet ones. Porkchop has that all wrapped up. Mine are all the creepy, real-life kind. Usually, Middle-Eastern men with a penchant for blonds.

    So not glamorous.

  4. you consider pepto-bismol a “foodie”?

    then again. . .i eat tums when i can’t find sweet tarts.

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