I want to break free

The knowledge that my upcoming evening is comepletely unplanned, requiring no appearances at work or time at the editing station, is causing me to feel slightly giddy with delight. Like I’ve drunk too much champange or something. A whole evening stretches in front of me, enticing me with all it’s gleaming possibilities. I could:
~ Paint my room in the apartment
~ Create a promised blog header
~ Watch Wait Until Dark and do my nails
~ Make that backdrop thingy for church
~ Listen to all my new music from 3hive and PageantBarbie and discover new favorites
~ Continue work on Mr. Man’s birthday present
~ Write the great american novel
~ Bake a cheesecake
~ Sew that skirt I’ve been designing in my mind
~ Drag PageantBarbie to Goodwill and find her some new clothes
I’m beginning to feel fatigued just looking at it all. Maybe I’ll just go to bed early.


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 4, 2005.

One Response to “I want to break free”

  1. I am SO hurt! Why would you drag PageantBarbie to Goodwill for clothes and not ME??

    Your mean.

    I am hurt.

    And just for the record, since you don’t DRINK, how would you know what drinking too much champagne was like?

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