yippy skippy

My beautiful new shoes are almost here! According to the UPS tracking site, they are “out for delivery.” Of course, I won’t get to wear them any time soon if the snow doesn’t stop. Yar.
In other news, my head cold seems to be receding. Perhaps aided by the fact that I have a bottle of vitamin C on my desk and am taking two every hour, my nose’s spigot-like state is being reduced to just a leaky faucet. Progress is made in small steps, after all!
In still other news: I bought a pair of pink shoes last night! Goodwill, of course. They are pale pink suede flats, and very cool. I almost wore them today, but the sweater to match would have required me to pull it down in the back every seventeen seconds, and today I’m jsut not into that. It took all my willpower to trade in the flannel pajamas before I came in this morning.


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 1, 2005.

One Response to “yippy skippy”

  1. Could the sweater to which you are referring be my beautiful cashmere shirt that I have not seen since you LAST WORE IT THREE WEEKS AGO?

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