Comanche is dead. I just heard from Pastor, who actually called to ask me about doing some video work for my old church. (I agreed.) He was 24 in people years, and a very good pony.
I didn’t learn to ride on Manko, but I did learn to saddle on him. And my first attempts were pretty funny, because he loved to blow up his stomach when you tightened the girth so when someone tried to mount, the saddle would slide right around. That was great, especially when it happened to “Matt-I-Do-Not-Smile-In-Pictures”. (He still won’t smile in pictures, but that’s another story for another day.)
Manko was tiny, just the perfect size for little kids to learn to ride. I won’t forget the time I embarassed myself in front of a van full of peers by saying I could “Lock my feet behind his arms.” They laughed really hard, and I turned red.
One time Iva and I were out in the pasture, and some cousins were over, and Iva jumped on the back of Eddie Boy and they took off around the pasture. I’m not sure why, but I jumped on Comanche and followed. That was one of the bumpiest rides of my life, and since I had no bit or bridle, I had to stop by falling off.
Later, after we donated him to the church, I liked to claim that I taught him all the orneriness he demonstrated. That’s not true; I probably learned it from him. But if kids wanted to mess around in the pasture, I told them to try to ride him bareback, knowing he wouldn’t let them, but they would sure have fun trying. And it was really funny watching those cocky know-it-all senior campers land on their bums. Manko had all the big horses terrified; no one messed with him, even if they did weigh four times as much as he did.
He was a good pony.


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 1, 2005.

One Response to “requiem”

  1. I have to admit, I gasped audibly when I read that.

    Maybe it’s because we had him for as long as I can remember… but he seemed invincible.

    I was, after all, the only one who could get him not to bite people.

    And, he was the only animal we ever had that I actually liked.


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