How will I survive the summer without my favorite sandals? Let me explain. Right before I moved home from Oklahoma City in 2002, I found a pair of black sandals on the summer clearance rack for $3. They were a little chunkier than anything I currently wore, but they were so cute and a good deal I had to get them.
Those black sandals got worn literally to death. They chunky enough to be quite comfortable, so I could walk miles in them. They also made my legs look really good. They were black, so they went with everything from jeans to flippy skirts. Unfortunately, they are also dead. Last fall I finally had to give in when a strap popped loose and refused to be mended.
But this does give me an excuse to go shoe shopping! Maybe these? Hey, they’re pink! And that’s the new black, right? Although these might be more practical.


~ by wildeyedwonder on February 25, 2005.

5 Responses to “wondering”

  1. Just get birks. Lifetime warranty on them….they replace the soles, and if the straps break, send them to germany and they send you a new pair.

    BIRKS RULE (contrary to what your sister says)

  2. OH MY WORD, I love them! Both of them!

  3. Thankfully I got over my Birk stage by the time I was sixteen. Society is grateful.

  4. Yes! Both! Must have!

  5. OMFG. I am _SO_ glad I am male. I have absolutely no understanding of what is “cute” in a shoe. I am embarrassed to be in the same society where parts of that society think such hideous objects are to be desired.

    Of course, I understand that my taste in footwear (and probably clothes. and hair.) would be just as horrifying to you.

    Ah well. Such is life.

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