death with dignity?

I’ve been semi-following the Schiavo case in Florida, where a woman on a feeding tube is being fought over by her parents and husband; the husband wants to discontinue feeding and hydration tubes while the parents are fighting for continuation.

There are a lot of different forces at play here. The Schindlers assert that the husband is living with another woman and has been since shortly after Terri went into what the courts are calling a “vegitative state.” There is also the small matter of a one million dollar malpractice settlement of which her husband stands to inherit the balance. Maybe a slight conflict of interest?

The thing I can’t understand is why her husband is so determined to force her to starve to death. It would be one thing if she required life support to breathe; she doesn’t. It’s quite another to just cause someone to die of hunger and thirst. I’m sorry, but that is horrific.

Why doesn’t he just divorce her and move on? I’m sure a judge would grant a divorce rather quickly and then turn the guardianship over to her parents. Then everyone would be happy: he would be happy and able to remarry, she would be alive and able to recieve therapy, her parents would have their daughter back.

But instead he’s fighting for the right to allow her to starve to death.
You can talk about your murderers and drunk drivers; they have nothing on this guy. He wants to starve his wife to death. And there’s nothing she can do about it.


~ by wildeyedwonder on February 24, 2005.

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