huge sighs of relief

Started laughing this morning when I saw the front page of the paper: Jeff Gordon won the Daytona 500. I wasn’t laughing at him (although I was a bit annoyed-who really likes Jeff Gordon?), I was laughing at myself. See, last year I watched the whole entire Daytona 500 from start to finish AND ENJOYED IT. There are several possible explanations for this terrifying aberration from my normal behavior:
– I was camping in a cabin with a bunch of other people. That in and of itself is rather strange for me.
– By that point, I had been living with sports nuts for a few weeks, and ANYTHING was better than Lakers’ games.
– The previous night I had watched Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH and even I was beginning to feel a bit overloaded on the estrogen.
Whatever the reason, I immediately developed an obsession with NASCAR and proceeded to maintain this obsession for about two months: enough time to amuse my uncle, return from California, and terrorize my family, convinced as they were that I was swiftly becoming a redneck.
It didn’t last long, though. Thankfully. But I’ll still take NASCAR over basketball any day.


~ by wildeyedwonder on February 21, 2005.

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