a quiet day

The kind where you munch carrots and surf the net and research movabletype because there’s really nothing better to do. Thing is, having nothing better to do means there is nothing about which to blog.
I promise that in real life I am quiet sometimes. As a matter of fact, I can sit quietly for long periods of time and watch people, feeling no need to insinute myself into the center of anyone’s attention. However, I seem to be completely unable to do that online. This is my blog! I can post (or not) as often as I like, right?
Repeated tongue-lashings by my sisters have left me bruised and quivering, my willpower as strong as a bowl of hot jello. If given access to a computer with an internet connection, I feel compelled to log in and type something–anything!–to fill that blank square. I type aimlessly, hating myself for my failure to stand up, to say, “No! I will not post if I have nothing to say! I will maintain a dignified silence until the inspiration for a moving, pithy post comes upon me.”


~ by wildeyedwonder on February 1, 2005.

One Response to “a quiet day”

  1. Bruised and quivering? Sounds like the wife of a Baptist preacher to me!

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