Very interesting article. I’m especially intrigued by a few statements in particular.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Zoology Department, Jonathan Coddington, called Mr. Sternberg’s supervisor. According to Mr. Sternberg’s OSC complaint: “First, he asked whether Sternberg was a religious fundamentalist. She told him no. Coddington then asked if Sternberg was affiliated with or belonged to any religious organization. . . . He then asked where Sternberg stood politically; . . . he asked, ‘Is he a right-winger? What is his political affiliation?’

Would someone like to explain to me what “political affiliation” has to do with biology? How does being Republican or Democrat affect your ability to observe change in the natural world? Last time I checked, the natural world didn’t observe political parties; it was all about strong vs. weak. Even asking such a question indicates a dangerous narrow-mindedness toward new ideas and alternate perspectives, and isn’t science all about considering new ideas and discovering alternative perspectives?

It did not address its arguments but denied its orthodoxy, citing a resolution of the American Association for the Advancement of Science that defined ID as, by its very nature, unscientific.

As far as I can recall from gradeschool science class, part of being “scientific” is using the “scientific method” which includes repeating a process in order to duplicate a result. If the process cannot be repeated with consistent results, the theory is disproven. Far be it from me to act scientific, but when was the last time you heard that evolution had been replicated and proven? It hasn’t. Logically, evolution is a highly unscientific theory that has been taught as fact.
So basically we have people who have staked their lives on a theory that hasn’t been (and cannot be) proven. Of course they yowl when anyone dares to state that maybe another theory can be brought forward; it invalidates their whole existence.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 31, 2005.

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