do you love me?

Ok, people, I’m going to do the whole “get a free ipod thing,” since I’m practically the last person on the planet to do it. Click here to help me! You have to complete a free offer…but you can always just apply for another credit card or subscribe to BMG or something like that. So help me, people! Because you love me, right?


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 31, 2005.

3 Responses to “do you love me?”

  1. No, we don’t love you. Because NO ONE helped me get MY free iPod.

    And because you took the last travel mug this morning.

  2. It also doesn’t work. I think I should have 3 Ipods by now, but on a positive light…I still have 2 pair of Birks…not that it does me any good when it’s 3 FREAKIN degrees outside.

  3. Hey Hon,

    Even though this is weeks late I just wanted to let you and the world know that there is at least 2 people in this world who don’t have those ipod things.

    You’re not alone 🙂


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