ode to goodwill

Of groaning racks
And stacks and stacks
Of purses, socks, and underwear
Of sweaters small
And longjohns tall
Of books entitled “maiden fair”

Ok, I will stop with the terrible “poetry” right there. I’m not a poet, and I most definitely am aware of that sad fact. But I am ridiculously happy about my cool new green and yellow retro sneakers that I bought last night, as well as the vintage purse, and it just makes me happy, and I’m happy that PageantBarbie has her title, and I’m happy that my new haircut is EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED, and I’m happy that Mr. Man is driving out tomorrow, and I’m happy that the weather is getting warmer and I’m happy that Darrell likes what he’s seen of the VPI video and…I’m just happy. So happy that I don’t even mind my boring job right now.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 26, 2005.

One Response to “ode to goodwill”

  1. Aren’t you just a little happy person with green and yellow sneakers.

    I want the entire east coast to feel the warmth we’ll be feeling tomorrow. High of 12, wind chill of -15.

    blah. i want south beach

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