good morning sunshine

Stepmum is racing about in her bathrobe, hair flying, trying desperately to find out if PantsOnFire’s school starts on time. After trying on a dozen pair of jeans with PageantBarbie sleepily commenting, I am finally dressed, and am now racing around looking for my phone charger. Now Stepmum is delivering swift one-liners about the joys of not having TV and therefore not having access to school delays. Holy Father is defending not having TV, and tensions begin to boil as they exchange carefully civil comments on the subject. PantsOnFire isn’t racing anywhere; he’s sitting sleepily in the chair, waiting for someone to settle down and take him to school. The radio is sputtering in the background, droning out more school delays and weather reports. Holy Father is bellowing now, trying to rouse the rest of the house.
I think I’ll just skip breakfast this morning.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 26, 2005.

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