getting to work

It’s 8 degrees here. EIGHT DEGREES! I thought my fingers were going to freeze off as I drove in this morning…but let me explain.
I walked out of the house this morning at 7:15, just on time to arrive at work by 7:30, only to be faced with a small car COVERED IN TWO INCHES OF snow and ice. So I tried to open the door so I could throw my stuff in and start the car, but the door was frozen shut, and no matter how hard I tugged I couldn’t get it to open. So I went in search of something to scrape the ice off, because I was pretty sure we didn’t own an ice scraper. I found a putty knife.
So I was merrily scraping away when dad came out and saw me and pulled out the Giant Ice Scraper (purchased only this weekend!) and began to wield it with a dexterity that was beautiful to behold. So soon Little Car is (mostly) clear and I can jet off to work, but now I am 10 minutes behind schedule and rather chilly.
So I’m rocketing along (Line Road was clean) in Little Car, peering out of the peekholes that we’ve cleared (now I know how submarine captains feel) and see the light is green. Great! I can make it, and maybe won’t be quite as late to work!
Until…some little old person who hasn’t been out yet this weekend pulls out in front of me and is driving TWENTY MILES PER HOUR ON A PERFECTLY CLEAR ROAD and the light is yellow BUT THEY COULD HAVE MADE IT BUT THEY STOPPED so I had to stop and sit behind them for a whole cycle and my fingers were freezing even though I wore gloves because it is EIGHT FREAKING DEGREES OUT THERE.
So I finally got to work ten minutes late, and my fingers were already going numb, and they took about twenty minutes to thaw and in the process I had these weird white stripes across my nails but I’m warm now so it’s all good. But I’m NOT going outside today if I can help it.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 24, 2005.

One Response to “getting to work”

  1. Weeee! They are sending everyone home an hour early today!

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