snowed in

The weather people had been calling for snow yesterday, so PageantBarbie’s pageant last night got cancelled. Which is a good thing, because by the time 7:00 rolled around, it was a big mess out there. Snow started sometime in the morning, and quickly accumulated; I got a call at 11:30 telling me not to bother coming to work. So we cleaned the house and made chili and I took a nap and we were generally quite sluggish; I was revelling in the whole idea of not having to go ANYWHERE on a Saturday.
So then we ate chili and watched a freaky movie (which I didn’t finish because it was too wacked) so FarmBarbie and I went to Blockbuster to find something FUNNY, driving no more than 30 mph the whole way because the roads were VILE and there was ice coating everything, and when we got home the electric was out. Gone. The house was dark. So we sat around and played cards by candlelight for a while and talked and laughed LOUDLY until we realized that Stepmum was trying to sleep. But Holy Father wasn’t there: he had gone on a drive to see how bad the roads were. (This is the same man who walks in carrying an ironing board while we’re right in the middle of a very tense movie scene and says, “Would someone show me how to hang this up?” Stepmum claims she’s going to start medicating him for ADHD.)
Anyway, the power came on last night and this morning EVERYTHING was coated with ice (the roads are totally covered) so I didn’t have to go to work again and we didn’t go to church and instead we sat around and sang for what felt like an hour because I had to sing soprano (and I’m NOT soprano) and we sounded like tormented souls that had been released from the hot place but that’s ok, because it made the Holy Father happy.
So ANYWAY I went outside and took some pictures this morning and since I’m already getting bored and it’s not even noon yet I shall post them.

This is photographic proof of why I hate cold weather–it makes me all pink and sniffly looking. Not happy. At all.

~ by wildeyedwonder on January 23, 2005.

One Response to “snowed in”

  1. You look totally cute as a pink person. ;-D

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