things to do at work when you’re completely bored out of your skull*

Meticulously cross off past days on your desk calendar
Download beautiful new wallpapers from Mandolux
Arrange everything on your desk at precise right angles
Drink lots of water and wear a path in the floor
Surf BlogExplosion and accumulate unwanted points
Read all of FarmBarbie’s ancient archives and laugh until you cry. Note also how much her writing style and grammar have improved and leave nice friendly comments to that effect
Discuss with your boss the joys and disadvantages of shopping at Goodwill.

*Realizing that this is a new job and one must still maintain some semblance of decorum. The workplace macarena contests will come at a later date.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 19, 2005.

2 Responses to “things to do at work when you’re completely bored out of your skull*”

  1. Speaking from a voice of experience you can:

    Repeatedly ask them for MORE work until they say SHUT THE HELL UP, at which point, you are free to do whatever you find interesting.

    Make very, very long paperclip chains finding EVERY PAPERCLIP in the office.

    Rubberband balls, anyone?

    Make lots and lots of blog posts.

    Surf BlogExplosion so your traffic will spike and you will then have people to write for.

    Email annoying sisters and tell them to quit commenting on your blog.

    That should keep you busy for the morning.

  2. Don’t forget office chair races. (If you plan in advance you can customize yours so you will always win.) Then there is the office-wide desk dancing contest. (Not for the faint of heart.) Or, if you are lucky like me, you get to figure out how to stop water pouring out of the ceiling while your boss is off cruising in the Bahamas. (Be glad you are not lucky like me. Nobody is lucky like me.)

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