It was a very, very good birthday. The best I can remember, to be precise! No, it was not marked by drunken excess or debauchery. Instead, I looked unusually feminine and did all sorts of retro, house-wife-ish things all day. And that made it a happy day. So, in a great show of intense self-absorption, I decided to take a picture every hour of my most happy wonderful birthday. And here they are. Note: after dinner I kind of forgot, so my pictures stop around 6 pm. 🙂

9:00 – (about when I woke up)I found this lovely card from Sarah on the counter. Turns out I wasn’t supposed to open it. Oh, well.

10:00 – Fred and I take the RocketMobile to deliver Joy’s crown to her at the office.

11:00 – Saw this field while driving back from Furnacetown, felt compelled to get out and twirl for a bit. Mental note: denim jackets and retro dresses do not a flattering combination make.

12:00 – Make a batch of strawberry shortcake. Forget to put in the sugar. *oops!*

1:00 – Dad consumes fresh shortcake for his lunch. It’s healthy, right? Especially since I didn’t add any sugar???

2:00 – Yuck. Since it is April 15, I cannot avoid the inevitable: taxes. I actually filed on the 14th, and then discovered a mistake, so I have to try to refile.

3:00 – My lovely, lovely flowers arrive. I promptly call and thank the giver.

4:00 – Chopping scallions to make Thai food for dinner.

5:00 – Everything is assembled, chopped, and in place. Now to cook it all…

6:00 – They liked it! Dinner was it’s usual wild and riotous affair.

So it was a good birthday. Later that evening Jo had all her strange friends call my cell phone to wish me happy birthday…it was most hilarious. I had to save a couple of them, it was so funny.


~ by wildeyedwonder on April 16, 2004.

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