You know what I hate? Fake cowboys. Especially when the extent of their western-ness is LINE DANCING! But let me explain.
Susan and I were going to go swing dancing at the Derby on Saturday night. She had some friends who were going to meet us there, and we were totally excited about it. So…we showed up, and there was a line outside. Ok…so we get in line. And there are these people walking around in western shirts and cowboy hats…weird. But whatever! Finally we get up to the ID checker, and we had to wait, and while we did Susan asked, “So do you no longer have the swing lesson on Saturday nights?”
Well…it turns out that for this month only, swing has been switched to Sunday night. Drat. So…we called Susan’s friends (who were running late), and tried to figure out what to do. Asked around, found out about the Thunderbird…when we got there, it looked like a Goth club and was inhabited by exactly two very tatooed people. Um, not exactly a happening place. Turns out the band had canceled. So we went to Universal Studio’s Citywalk and acted crazy for a while…it was fun. Learned that classic 80’s move, “The shopping cart.”
Gotta love Melinda!
Oh, and chocolate covered gummi bears are really good. Weird, but good. 😛


~ by wildeyedwonder on March 1, 2004.

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