Some people are so frustrating. It’s not that I’m against Dad getting married–I’m just firmly convinced that he is a big boy and able to take care of his own social life. I’ve had quite enough of the “making strong suggestions for people’s own good” thing, and people can live their lives without me. If someone asks me for help, I’ll more than willingly give it. And if I see a major lack in someone’s life that they really need to address, I’ll say something. But until then…I’m trying to learn how to hold my tongue and let people run their own lives. I don’t want to be a control freak, I really don’t!
I guess the Lord has been challenging me with this concept of not trying to protect everyone all the time. Yes, I can warn, yes, I can mention. But when I’ve said it all, it’s time to shut up. And let them make their decision. And not say “I told you so” later.
And this has taken me rather far afield from the original question of “what can Dad do for Teresa on V-Day?” But it seems to me that his divorce only went through last week…isn’t this a bit fast? I know Fred needs a mom (I didn’t know that he was praying for one), and I know Dad is stressed and I know the girls are stretched thin and I know that I wish I were home right now. But what good would it do? Any? Maybe. Maybe not. I might take some pressure of Sarah and be an encouragement to Fred, but beyond that….I also know that this is where God has called me right now.
“Nothing is worth more than this day.” -Goethe


~ by wildeyedwonder on February 12, 2004.

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