Ugh. Sometimes I hate these glimpses of self-awareness. Just ran smack into the fact that I am a rude, immature, self-centered, conceited airhead.

Jo and I have an ongoing feud…having to do with these rednecks she foisted off on me. Well, then we got to swapping screennames. If someone hit on us via IM that we didn’t feel like dealing with, we’d give them the other person’s SN and tell them to chat with her. Which sort of worked…although she definitely did it more than me. And then there was this one guy…he was pretty cool. A nice guy to chat with and stuff. And for some reason I gave him her SN…not because I wanted to get rid of him, but because…I don’t know. Maybe it was a test? Because most other people, once they start talking to her, forget about me? And I wanted to see if he would too? Maybe…

But anyway, Joy was trying to explain the whole redneck thing to him, and he got the impression that I was IMing him to get revenge on her. And he was (justifiably) really offended. And I started thinking about it…how rude of me! How rude of us! To ignore the fact that these are real people (annoying or not) and they have feelings…and…and…and…I an speechless. I get that way sometimes, when I run smack into evidence of my sin nature. So now this person who could have been a cool friend is gone…and I don’t blame them. At all. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. Joy hadn’t thought about it that way, either. But she agrees…we were wrong. And we won’t do it again. So, Christian, although I’m sure you’ll never read this…I’m sorry. And I’ve learned my lesson.


~ by wildeyedwonder on January 15, 2004.

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