why preachers should not be single

Good weekend, I think…. Yes, it was good.
Sunday morning Dad wanted to visit a different church, so we went to the morning service at Gumboro Wesleyan. Well, Dad and Fred went to Sunday School but Joy, Sarah and I showed up just for the main preaching service. Which we thought it began at 11, but it was already started when we arrived. Which was just as well, because the pastor’s face lit up as we walked in. “I bet he’s single.” Sure enough–no rings. 10 minutes into the service Sarah leans over to Joy, “$10 says he asks you out before we leave.” Joy shuddered. Ok, let me explain this guy to you. He was tall and kind of thin, I guess, but with the thinness that comes from lack of activity, and is accompanied by stooped shoulders and a pot belly. He had a combover, too, and he had masses of hair! Plus, he laughed like this, “HAW HAW HAW HAW.” Which characteristic was amply demonstrated when he laughed at his own jokes periodically throughout the sermon. A little later a fire truck drove by outside. I mutter, “Take me with you!” I promise you, that whole entire sermon was dedicated to trying to save us–the whispering, note passing, text-messaging heathens. Well, he may not have been preaching at us, but he was looking (well, staring) at us the whole time. Erg. When we we dismissed, I was the first one out the back door, and Joy and Sarah were close behind. We jumped in our little car and blew that popsicle stand. Turns out later that our lights had been left on…I am SO GLAD the car started anyway! Annoying people just….annoy me. 🙂
And then Sunday night I went to the Edge at Gumboro. It was good, as usual. Jo didn’t come because she couldn’t find anything to wear. 🙂 Poor dear. Afterwards I went bowling with Matt, Lucas, Erin, and Jenny. Erin likes Matt in a major way, and she demonstrates this by being extremely annoying and critical. I hate it when girls do that. It’s so immature.


~ by wildeyedwonder on November 3, 2003.

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