adventures of miss hippo

Ok. Must….update….blog. Not much happening. However, since I cannot get my other blog to post correctly right now and have not been at the office enough to work on it….I’ll post here. Lest some of my devastatingly clever thoughts get away or something.
Um. Went to Goodwill today. Got a new pair of jeans that make my butt look HUGE. Why oh why must I have a ghetto booty? Need to work out more…
Um. Am working on a book, sort of. And my family does not know about that. So now they do. Because they are the only people who read my blog!
Anyway. Am bored, have not had an original thought in three days, and have nothing else to say. So I’ll shut up. Oh, wait. I suppose I could recount “the adventures of Miss Hippo.” See, when I was in OKC I managed to pick up this stuffed pink terrycloth hippo that, when you squeeze, makes a noise like the ocean. What makes her so darling and adorable is the fact that she is wearing a pink bikini, a little grass skirt, and a flower behind her pink ear.

So last night we were headed out the door to this Bible study that Joy and I regularly attend, and I was in a REALLY weird mood, so I grab Miss Hippo on the way. Well, I don’t know what possessed that hippo-she was being bad the whole way up to Greenwood and then all the way home! I mean, she was trying to flick off annoying drivers, but since she does not have fingers or toes, it was kind of hard. So she contented herself with being very ornery and silly, keeping me in stitches the whole entire time. As well as my beloved sisters.

Oh, and then we are at the Bible study. Normally it is a lot of fun–we discuss the passage and get some good conversations going and stuff. Well, last night we managed to convince Sarah to go with us for the second time, and wouldn’t you know, a spirit of boringness possessed EVERYONE. And then the guy who was leading last night was asking for suggestions for the direction of the group (we are at the end of a unit) and Sarah kept whispering these bright ideas to me. Like…we could adopt a highway and pick up trash once a month. But as things got progressively more boring, she whispered “How about a rousing round of Spin the Bottle?” I was choking, trying not to laugh, and Joy was giving us stern looks from the corner. Sarah assures me that she will not be going with us again for at least a decade or so.


~ by wildeyedwonder on October 30, 2003.

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