rejoicing early

Happy 100 days until Christmas! I was thrilled to discover this vital day was today…and while I have not yet started my Christmas shopping, I have begun to plan it. And I did play Christmas music all day in honor of the occasion. I was going to wear red or green, but I discovered that my wardrobe is sadly lacking in both of those colors, and had to content myself with hot pink and orange. Here is an interesting and useless piece of information: while rummaging about this morning, I discovered that I wear black, white, blue, khaki, orange, and gray, with the occasional splash of hot pink. Oh, and I think I have a light purple sweater. But do I feel that my life is boring or drab because of this? On the contrary–anyone who wears orange does not have a boring life. So, if you feel your life is bland and colorless…add to your interesting factor by wearing orange!
Interesting thought yesterday (I think it was). You know how much of Jewish music is written in a minor key? Well, I was wondering why the music of God’s people is that way–why did God have them write it like that? And then I was thinking–music in a minor key always fills me with longing for something more…something greater. Isn’t it incredible how God wrote that desire for Him into the very music that His people used to worship Him? He wrote in that longing for another country…another place.
Am trying to think of any other interesting thoughts to put here…it’s not working…probably because I am such a boring person…
Ok, this works. Read this (link lost) article today. Joy sent it to me. I agree with some of her points, especially her main thesis: A person who accepts subjectivism must necessarily become hostile with people when talking to them. Of course, I agree for an entirely different reason than she states–I know that we must argue from the position of absolute truth, which is founded in the person of God. She would violently disagree, I am sure. However, that does not invalidate truth. I wonder how she can claim to argue subjectively when I am sure that she doesn’t believe in absolute truth. Seems rather self-defeating to me.

~ by wildeyedwonder on September 16, 2003.

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