Can’t believe it’s been two years since that day. What I really cannot believe is how much my life has changed in the past two years, how much I’ve changed. My world has turned upside down, and everything in which I used to trust has been stripped away from me, leaving only My Saviour. Which is a good thing, but it was very, very painful. Rereading journal entries from that time is really interesting…what an incredible Master I have. He is so faithful, and so patient with me.
On a different note–I decided today what I want on my gravestone. “The day you stop laughing is the day you stop living.” And then under that “heeheehee.” Anyone who knows me would understand…the rest would just be puzzled. But that’s ok! You know, I am convinced that there will be laughter in Heaven. I mean, I know there will be no more tears, but more than that, there will be great great joy. And when I am happy I cannot help but laugh. And besides–I know God has a sense of humor. After all–He made giraffes!
On one final note. Yesterday I received this email:

“GOT YOU”If you were dumb enough to open this email then you will find a WORM has executed itself through your mailbox and by the time you read this into your hard-drive. This is PAYBACK for the Virus you disguised in the email you sent to us recently which destroyed our hard-drive and back-up system. This costs us thousands of dollars and we lost a lot of irreplaceable files on our system.

Now it’s your turn to have your computer infected. This WORM it is undetectable by AntiVirus software and it will drive your computer crazy because it’s always hiding and causing havoc in your system. Using your computer recovery disks will not remove the problem cause it still stays on your computers Motherboard. This will proabably cost you a new computer and I sincerely hope this teaches you a lesson not to send people nasty viruses again.

Evocash Administration Inc.
Phone: +1 767 4499922
Fax: +1 767 4499922
To which I had to gleefully respond, “You wish! I use a Mac. So keep dreaming….”

Think different, people.


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 11, 2003.

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