gonna be ready to run

I don’t have much to say tonight–it was a fairly boring day in the office. Oh, but this is funny.
Tuesday night Mandy and I went running at the lake together. Now you have to understand–while Mandy is quite buff, I am working on the whole endurance thing. So we are running together on the way back, cheering each other on. She started running, and I was like, “Go buff chick!” and then I started running, and passed her, and she’s like, “Go Laura! You can do it wonder woman!” Or something to that effect. So anyway, then I slowed down to a walk, and these footsteps that I had heard behind me come up and pass. And this guy goes running by. He was very chiseled, and very tan. And I immediately felt exceedingly pale, slow, and un-fit. But he was probably jealous because he didn’t have a cheering section. Right? Riiiiight.
Oh, I discovered that if you want to get a lot of benevolent smiles, go running in a Marine tshirt and what look like PT shorts. I think they thought I was getting ready for basic or something. You could just see them thinking, “Yep. One of those baby whales. She’s gonna be on the special diet for sure.”
I’m tired again tonight. Of course! Am I ever not? Need to figure out what’s going on this weekend. And I need to go do some pushups–I am NOT going to let Mandy win this contest! Or Michelle, for that matter. Even if I get arms like an Amazon…
No deep thoughts–but I am so grateful that the Lord surrounds us with good friends! Those who, when I want pity or something, instead point me back to Him and to His all-sufficiency. Because He is faithful, even when I am not.


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 10, 2003.

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