it pays to remember the first of november september

Happy September! Can’t believe August is already over…It was a good summer, I think. Although I missed the last month of it.
Had a total blast at the park last night. Susan was painting, and I took pictures for a while, but the light was really bad, so I got tired of that. But I was bored, and I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos, and there were these people with a GL1, so I struck up a conversation with them, and it turns out that they are making a Star Wars fan fic movie. They were at the park to rehearse the light saber fight scenes, and they let me watch them practice. It was a total blast–the little choreographer person would tell the Obi-Wan character (Scott), “I want you to jump off this wall and do an inside roundhouse kick. But make sure you come off your right foot.” And Scott would. And then the choreographer would say, “Now do a one handed handspring, but do it onto the light saber, so you can pick it up as you come up.” And Scott would. It was very very cool to watch. (Their practice light sabers were wooden dowels.)
I asked the little director person how they were doing the sabers, and he said that they go in during post-production. Either in Photoshop, where they edit every frame, or using some sort of program, the name of which he could not remember.
The actors didn’t know who I was, but since I was sitting there next to the director, they asked if I was the assistant director or something. I was like, “No, I’m an innocent bystander.” Anyway, it was just a ton of fun talking to these people who liked acting and cameras and video and stuff like that. Stuff like that just does not HAPPEN in Delaware! Maybe I should start some kind of video club or something. Or not. I totally love cities–I’m going to move to one someday.
Oh, another great thing about cities–dollar theaters! We went and saw Charlie’s Angels 2 (it was so not worth a regular admission cost) and Susan and Sharon were completely inspired. As we left church on Sunday, we did this whole “push through both double doors and put on our sunglasses in slow motion” thing that was completely cool, and rather unusual for a small Baptist church! It was so funny. (Ok, so I have a totally whacked sense of humor!)


~ by wildeyedwonder on September 1, 2003.

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