quoting lyrics

This is a seriously cool song; currently high on my playlist.
After the last tear falls
After the last secret’s told
After the last bullet tears through flesh and bone
After the last child starves
And the last girl walks the boulevard
After the last year that’s just too hard
There is love
Love, love, love
There is love
Love, love, love
There is love

After the last disgrace
After the last lie to save some face
After the last brutal jab from a poison tongue
After the last dirty politician
After the last meal down at the mission
After the last lonely night in prison
There is love
Love, love love…

And in the end, the end is oceans and oceans
Of love and love again
We’ll see how the tears that have fallen
Were caught in the palms
Of the Giver of love and the Lover of all
And we’ll look back on these tears as old tales

‘Cause after the last plan fails
After the last siren wails
After the last young husband sails off to join the war
After the last “this marriage is over”
After the last young girl’s innocence is stolen
After the last years of silence that won’t let a heart open
There is love
Love, love, love
There is love

Cause after the last tear falls
There is love

Meadow green and the river wide
Valley deep and the mountain high…

(Only love remains)

After the last tear falls

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot going on. I’m tired, having just finished packing for the weekend at Sharon’s, and really should get some sleep. But a whole evening all to myself was just too tempting; I luxuriated in it. Even though I’m so tired that I’m groggy, and have been all day. Which doesn’t really make sense; I get less sleep than this at home, and I’m not this tired! Go figure.
Oh, this is funny. Someone was trying to convince me today that I had this “classic Audrey Hepburn beauty” thing going. Whatever. Especially since today was one of those days when I just look in the mirror and want to…I don’t know….go on a liquid diet or something. I mean, I’m watching what I eat–really carefully, as a matter of fact. But I am still gaining weight, I think! My jeans were a tiny bit snugger tonight then they were last night. And then get a face lift…and a haircut. Oh, whatever. I’ll just go live in a convent or something. Where no one has to look at me. And preferably one without mirrors, so I don’t have to look at myself. Erg. Ok, this is depressing, I’ll shut up now.
Interesting insight the other day. Was reading first Timothy 2:8-9, and after Paul lists all his qualifications, he says, “I will that men everywhere pray…” Which makes sense, because men should pray, right? I mean, that’s important. And then he says, “Likewise women adorn themselves in modest apparel” (or something like that). Likewise, huh? That means “in the same manner.” So it’s just as important for me to be modest as it is for men to pray. Wow. Powerful thought. I guess I knew that, but didn’t really think about it, if you know what I mean.

~ by wildeyedwonder on August 29, 2003.

5 Responses to “quoting lyrics”

  1. Who sings this?

  2. Andrew Peterson. Sorry I didn’t put it in there!

  3. Thanks! Maybe I’ll have to look into this CD – is it new? I’ve seen these lyrics only a couple places lately.

  4. It’s from his CD Love and Thunder. I highly reccommend the whole CD; it’s quite fabulous. And also suggest you check out his blog. He’s an excellent writer.

  5. thanks again 🙂

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