bring on the rain

Home for a day before I head to Oklahoma. Went to the Glenarden church this morning, and that is a totally happening place! Then drove directly home, and got home by noon. Not my favorite homecoming, I think. When i walked in, the house smelled funny (from being shut up), and I’m really tired, and I had to work in the chicken house, and I guess I’m just a little depressed after coming off three incredibly hard, but incredibly exhilarating weeks. Oh, and my room was a mess, which is (for once!) not the way I left it, and there was an invitation to debriefing, which I won’t be able to attend. All little things, but enough to make me just want quiet for a while. The one bright spot was a letter from Jar. Man, I miss that guy! So I’ll stop having a pity party, and remember the good things.
Last night after we got back from the seminar, Mike went to bed, but Brad, Andrew, Julie, and I went downstairs, shared our books, and laughed some more. We presented Andrew with his going-away gift, which almost made him cry, and then, just as we were ready to head up to bed, realized it was raining. So, since our theme song for the week was “bring on the rain”, we had to go outside and splash through the puddles. Very unprofessional, not at all grown up, but tons of fun, and one last very good memory. It was a good three weeks.

~ by wildeyedwonder on August 17, 2003.

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