hershey, PA

Another full day. We had the oil changed on the van, went to Hershey’s Chocolate World, got drenched in the process, and did not manage to find a Hershey’s Kiss hat for Alexander. Bummer. Finally went back to the Gwin’s, where Andrew watched Gettysburg with the kids while Julie and I did dinner.
Arrived in Allantown, PA this evening. Our host family seems nice; the wife reminds me a bit of mom–very free spirit kind of person. But I felt very at home as soon as I looked at their bookshelves–they have so many books that I know! It was like finding a bunch of old friends. But what gets me is looking through the scrapbooks I found on a shelf in my room. Could this couple–older, a bit stodgy–ever have been young and in love? I mean, I’m not saying they aren’t now. I don’t really know them, so I don’t know! But reading the notes she put in there…it seems impossible that the couple I met tonight could be the one on those pages: young and wildly in love. I dunno, I suppose I’m showing my youth here. But they seem so OLD! Anyway…
Pre Teacher-Training jitters are setting in. Lord, you’ll have to do the teaching here! I so cannot!


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 5, 2003.

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