historic sites

pent the day in Gettysburg, PA, touring the battlefield. It was a good day, if a bit long, and we didn’t finish the tape tour. By the time we got to Devil’s Den I was exhausted, and Andrew had mercy on me. You would think I would be raring to go, since I went to bed at 9:00 last night! However, this was not the case, and now I want nothing more than a long, hot shower and bed. However, I totally need to go walking tonight, lunching as I did on peanut butter M&Ms and Cheez-its. Erg. So now I’m hot, sweaty, and bloated. How do you spell “fat cow”?
We had fun, though. Andrew is great! He is one of the few guys who, the more I work with him, the more impressed I am with his character. He’s hilarious, even if he does prefer the Army over the Marines. 🙂 And I wish I had gotten a picture of him crawling across the top of the Arkansas monument today…that would be a good one to have and show around when everyone else has forgotten him because he’s been in the military so long.
Yesterday we went with the Martins to a JAARS thing at the Lancaster Airfield. To my great surprise, I saw John Lewis there. He’s stateside for a month and a half, and we spent most of our time there talking to him. He hasn’t changed much at all–still a girl magnet, still confident, still bubbling over with life. Which was fun, especially after a trip to the Brethren church for our Sunday morning worship. Andrew has had quite the cultural education this week.
Tomorrow we move on to Allantown, with a stop at the Hershey Chocolate Factory. I’ll have to get Alexander one of those hats that look like Hershey’s kisses. He would be totally adorable in it.
I don’t really have any deep thoughts today–I’ve been too busy to do much thinking lately! There is, however, one thing that I have been rolling around in my head. Christ was the Lamb of God–the perfect Lamb. And yet, if you look at sheep (and lambs), they are some of the dumbest animals around. But Christ was willing to become a dumb animal, because that is what was required to take away my sin. Why did He have to be a sheep? Why not a dove? Why not anything but a dumb old sheep? Because we are as sheep needing a Shepherd, so He became one in our place. Wow.

~ by wildeyedwonder on August 4, 2003.

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