orange day

Since today was orange day, we burned an orange candle in the entryway, and it made the whole thing smell lovely and orange-y. Is there a better smell in the world? I’m not sure…except maybe fresh-cut grass.
Ok, if it rains tomorrow, some of these kids would not be allowed to go to the mall. TO THE MALL!!! With CI staff!!! I’m sorry, but that is just crazy. So now we are desperately seeking rainy-day alternate plans. Because for some reason, going back to the gym to play foursquare just does not excite us. Grrrr. I think Andrew was a torqued as I was. On the way home we were cracking all these cynical jokes–I mean, are these kids allowed to go to the grocery store? After all, the Jolly Green Giant wears some pretty skimpy outfits….. I’ll shut up now.
9:00 pm
It actually went pretty well. We went to the park, and it was muggy as all get out, but it wasn’t raining. Well, not hard anyway. So first we played ultimate frisbee, and then we played capture the flag. And I did play both, although Andrew will never know just what an effort I was making. I mean, I don’t PLAY ultimate frisbee. Especially when it is so muggy that all you have to do to break a sweat is stand still! And ESPECIALLY when you have to go appear in public later and do student evals. Aggg! But we had fun, I suppose. Tomorrow is the last day of this seminar…..can’t believe it.


~ by wildeyedwonder on August 1, 2003.

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